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Wind, water, steam as energy sources in the Philippines

Via Malaya  That's a lot of wind in 29 locations that will produce 629 megawatts at a cost of P3.285 billion. That's a lot of water that will produce 555 MW that will cost P3.602 billion. That's a lot of steam that will generate 1,224 MW at combined investments of P50.245 billion.

These are the renewable energy projects approved by the Department of Energy last year. These do not include eight other proposals whose capacities are "to be determined" (tbd).  Continue reading here

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Sleek, lightweight e-bike Gaining a Toehold for the E-Bike

Via NY Times January 16, 2010 TECHNOLOGY has eliminated many of life’s milder physical demands, like getting off the couch to change the channel, or going to the store to buy a book.

Sanyo has introduced its Eneloop Hybrid bike, priced at $2,300, in the United States. Pressing a handlebar button causes a 250-watt motor to gently kick in.

The latest exertion to be conquered: biking uphill.

Electric bicycles — a regular pedal-driven bike with a motor for steeper slopes and an optional extra boost — is an idea that has been around for more than a century. But while e-bikes have caught on in certain parts of the world, particularly China, where tens of millions are sold each year, they have never quite captured the imagination of auto-obsessed Americans.

That may be about to change. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this month, Sanyo, the Japanese electronics maker and a major producer of car batteries, showed off a sleek, lightweight e-bike called the Eneloop Hybrid Bicycle.

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YouTube - Noel Cabangon sings about climate change

Noel Cabangon, whose new Album "BYAHE" is doing well and should be in your collection, does a song for Greenpeace.
Great video. com/watch? v=Cmxm2-Z- ILw



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Attention Shoppers: Solar Panels, Now on Aisle 5 & Australian Firm Hopes to Cash In by Giving Away Light Bulbs

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They are also doing that here to cut down on energy use its a great idea

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Eight Philippine firms get green awards

Environment Secretary Joselito Atienza has named two firms in the metropolis and six others in neighboring provinces as models in the country’s campaign against pollution. 
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Philippine Solar Car

Homegrown. Following the success of Sinag, the country’s first solar car, the Philippine Solar Car Society launched Sikat, above, which was also designed and built by a group of faculty members and students from the Mechanical Engineering and
Electronics and Communications Engineering departments of De La Salle University-Manila. LINO SANTOS

Read more here Second solar-powered car built by students hits the road

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Green living with eco-friendly lights in the Philippines

Let there be more light and less energy consumption: Firefly CFLs are available in hardware stores and retail chains.

The Philippine Star December 12, 2009 MANILA, Philippines - In the midst of climate change, your home's lighting fixtures can make significant contributions to the increasing global clamor to help save the environment. Having economically friendly or "eco-friendly" lamps and light fixtures is key to help save energy and protect the environment. 
Read where you can buy these cheap CFL's at my blog bargain of the day

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